SISU Mindfulness for companies

The practice of meditation has been going on for thousands of years, but has become of particular interest to companies since it has been proven to positively change the ‘wiring’ of our brains. SISU Mindfulness combines the ancient Eastern philosophy of Ashtanga yoga and meditation with the modern Western science of cognitive behavioural therapy and neuroscience.


SISU Mindfulness aims to make mindfulness techniques and tools more concrete, pragmatic and accessible for companies. We won’t be teaching you to sit in lotus position for an hour and try not to have thoughts, but we help people in organizations with a diverse set of creative techniques to keep their minds calm, focus attention and allow more space for critical creative processes.

Because we believe that ‘healthy minds’ lead to a ‘healthy business’.


Why mindfulness

'Healthy minds, healthy business'

More and more companies, including Goldman Sachs, Google, Salesforce, Apple and Nike, are investing in mindfulness for their employees. Main reasons for this are:

  • improved focus and emotional regulation
  • improved leadership skills and cooperation
  • lower absenteeism costs (incl. burnout prevention)
  • less insomnia, fatigue and depression

Giving back

Help bring balance back where it is needed

All SISU Mindfulness teachers have a cause they are passionate about. We believe in giving back, which is why for every two trainings given, we give a training free of charge to people who might need it, but can’t afford it at the moment. We all have our own special cause.


Having been in a relationship with an addict, Jorien knows how difficult and lonely this can be. She offers family of mental health patients or addicts free mindfulness sessions to temporarily relieve their worries.


Nina lost her eldest son, Max in a skiing accident several years ago and offers free coaching and loving kindness (metta) meditation sessions to individuals or groups learning to come to terms with loss.

Krishna is passionate about preventing diseases through a healthy yoga lifestyle. He believes this should be taught to every child, because prevention is better than cure. He therefore offers free sessions to parents and teachers who need it.